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Who Are We?

An article read over 25 years ago concerning the maintenance of steep terain surrounding Interstate highway systems sparked the idea of Goat Browsers.  Goat Browsers is the brain child of Al Dilley.  While it's not the first operation of its kind in the nation, it is the first in South Central Kentucky. 

Goat Browsers is a fully licensed and insured land enhancement business utilizing goats, used for ground clearing and nuisance plant removal.  Goat Browsers is offering a green environmentally friendly alternative to the use of fossil fuels and herbicides.  Due to odor issues with mature bucks, Goat Browsers utilizes wethers (neutered bucks) and females.  

Goat Browsers offers an enhancement with no negative effect on the community and leaves a much smaller carbon footprint compared to other land enhancement resources.  Least land management and capital input should make the decision to use Goat Browsers for municipal, community, and corporate land enhancement needs an easy one!  Contact us today to learn more!


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